Table of content

Latin American Markets & Exhibitions 2015/2016

1)    Greetings: Andrés  López Valderrama, President of AFIDA, Dr. Peter Neven, President of AUMA and Paul Woodward, Managing Director of UFI

2)    Latin American economic and social context

a)    Country profiles and short summary of the top industry sectors in each country
b)    Other market opportunities

3)    Doing Business in LATAM:

a)   An overview of the institutions and partners involved in foreign trade:
Trade Associations, Chambers of Commerce, Investment Agencies, banking
b)   Foreign Direct Investment in the region and major commercial projects

4)    The exhibition industry as the best partner to expand international business

a)    Why Latin America trade fair is a must for international companies (Key Note contributors from multinational corporations like Volkswagen, Mercedes, IBM, Google, SAP and other CEOs)
b)    Successful participation and practical examples: Voices on LATAM exhibitors
c)    View of market opportunities by exhibitors and visitors

5)    Latin American Exhibition Industry portrait

a)    General Overview
b)    Key Performance indicators and major statistics
c)     Profile of exhibition organizers, venues, service providers and related companies in    LATAM
d)    Participation of foreign companies
e)    The role of the cities in developing the exhibition industry activity

6)     Trade fair calendar

a)    Trade Fairs by Industrial sectors
b)    German Trade fair Quality Abroad

7)    Contact lists